“The house is an active member of the summer season. It has personality, an engaging effect on the day. I smile when I see it, am in it, or think about it. The excitement generated by the wide open spaces, the fantastic site lines and the pairing of form to function, adds a wonderful topping to the sundae of summering in Maine. We go to Maine not just for the family, friends and activities, we go to be in the house. There is so much creativity in the space, to hang art seems redundant.”

E.E., Cambridge, MA & Maine

“We love our new kitchen. This company’s 20 years of experience really shows. The owner is a great manager. They are also custom woodworkers and the cabinetry and built-ins they created and installed were way beyond our expectations. At night, the lighting they installed on dimmer switches makes our 21st century kitchen look like it is sitting under a starry sky. Our kitchen looks like it cost twice as much as it did. They can design, build, and repair anything throughout your home.”

D.J., Cape Cod, MA

“I am very impressed with this contractor. At first he came in and listened to our suggestions, then gently showed us the possibilities which he then implemented flawlessly. The design aspect was impressive. He designed a custom copper island hood that matched the dimensions and scale of the kitchen. The crew was respectful of the rest of our house. Another aspect is after-job service. A few questions came up about the appliances. Cole was there quickly and offered solutions even when it really was due to our own actions and not his. This guy is the best.”

B.F., Sudbury, MA

“I don’t know how we lived before the renovation. The new master bedroom and bathroom are private and relaxing, even when the kids get up early. Rainy days are no problem, you don’t feel like you are missing anything, since being inside is as pleasant as being outside. All that and the view through the new custom windows are spectacular!”

G.V., Cambridge, MA