“Renovated my entire home with a beautiful new kitchen opening into a new dining room, a cathedral ceiling living room, and a gorgeous master bath addition. The job went very well. On time, right on the money. The crew was capable, friendly but not intrusive. The contractor was very easy to work with, a good listener, patient and had a lot of good ideas. I couldn’t recommend them more highly.”

J.S., Martha’s Vineyard, MA

“The new renovation is imaginative, exciting, personal, unique. The entryway is now very grand. The custom columns look like elephant tusks. The fireplace, living room and stairs are tremendous. The combination of light wood and stone is wonderful. The house works for the family and the way the family uses it. It’s a house that brings family together. “

B.E., Cambridge, MA

“There is now balance in the house. The new entrance is grander – more formal – more functional. There is a connection amongst all the spaces in the renovation; a volumetric interplay. All the supporting spaces are linked by the two-story atrium. The two parts of the house are now linked formally and visually. The functional spaces work well together and everything flows.”

D.V., Maine